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ChAD continuing education

Continuing education in damage insurance is compulsory for chambre de l’assurance de dommages members. Since September 1st 2001, ChAD training sessions are a prerequisite to renew your certificate of practice under Act 88. Damage insurance professionals must earn 20 professional development units (PDU) every two years.

Damage insurance PDUs

Our ChAD PDU given in Montreal and Quebec cover the subject of administration, compliance, insurance technique, law and legislation. These activities enable you to earn the PDUs required to practice. This type of damage insurance training may include courses in marketing, information systems management, management and business strategies, economics, accounting and finance, etc.

The financial statement analysis explores, among other things, the significance of the various ratios, the concepts on which the application of accounting principles are based and reporting standards. We also cover the use of accounting information in the context of a financial analysis, statement of cash flows, the vertical analysis, and ratios of overall profitability. This way, you will be better equipped to analyse a company’s performance, its operating activities such as gross or net profit margin, and the risk in terms of financing and financial resources.

Courses dealing with insurance techniques that are valid as ChAD training develop a member’s skills on a variety of subjects such as risk management, building services, investigation and loss-prevention techniques, commercial lines insurance, claims adjustment and personal lines insurance.

IFC Formation Continue is also committed to the ChAD members’ professional development. The continuing education courses we offer include many topics like customer service, sales techniques, knowledge transmission methods and communication management. These damage insurance DPU improve the quality of interaction with your customers and include the ability to communicate with ease and understand their reactions, respond sensitively and manage dissatisfaction.

You can either browse our ChAD training calendar or fill out our online form to reserve your place and attend our damage insurance training courses.